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A Mother’s Journey through her Child’s Addiction

LifeJackets takes you through one mother’s journey learning to accept and live with her child’s addiction. The book reflects on lived experiences and the different challenges each phase of addiction brings.

Loving someone and trying to help them through active addiction is one of the greatest challenges some people will face in this life. In this book, Melanie dives headfirst into the many aspects of loving an addict. She will take you through her journey with her daughter and identify the different phases of addiction; subjects like denial, suicide, enabling, tough love, and relapse.

Melanie also talks about the joy of recovery and learning to appreciate every moment of sobriety. The stories are raw and emotional but always lend themselves to a message of hope and recovery.

The title, LifeJackets, is a true representation of one mother trying to save her child from addiction; and realizing the person that truly needs saving is herself.

This book speaks about accepting and supporting those with addiction and realizing saving someone else from addiction is a futile effort because they must learn how to save themselves.

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Some Excerpts from the Book

Author Bio

Melanie Schwarz is an advocate for families in the midst of their loved one’s addiction. Having lived this herself, Melanie is very familiar with the journey people are on and the need to try and “save” them. Melanie is the current Chief Growth and Innovation Officer at a regional substance use and mental health treatment center in Montana. She spends her time strategizing and finding new and innovative ways to assist people seeking treatment. She is actively involved in building a new “family care” program; that will help families learn how to best support someone they love who has an addiction. Melanie lives in beautiful Billings, Montana. She has had a 25+ year career in marketing, public relations and development; and is a graduate of Montana State University with a degree in Business Marketing and Management. She is married to Brynn and has three amazing children Scott, Morgan and Jenna. LifeJackets will launch Melanie’s dream of traveling the country and talking to other families experiencing addiction.